Ansichtenseries 004
set of 11 postcards, edition of 45



The Ansichten Club was asked by Tugela85 to create a set of postcards of the Transvaal neighbourhood in Amsterdam. To investigate the concept of authenticity in relationship to tourism, we asked the people who live in this neighbourhood which places are according to them worth visiting.

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Ansichtenseries 003
single postcard, edition of 100


Happy New Year 2018

Another new years card for our Ansichten Club contacts. The card is based on an old jet set card, and the windows are filled with palmtrees and fireworks from our own collection.

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Ansichtenseries 007
set of 10 postcards, edition of 45


Licence to Travel

The subject in postcards is often obvious, though, other subjects get caught within the same frame. By zooming in on a suspicious presence we are handing you the protagonist of an unsolved mystery and thereby giving him a licence to travel.

(for sale at the Stedelijk Museum bookshop in Amsterdam)

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Ansichtenseries 002
leparello publication


Living on the Edge

Living on the edge is a project based on a collection of postcards gathered during a trip to Norway. This specific collection of postcards emphasizes on the relationship between the overwhelming landscapes of fjords and mountains and the the human who visits them.
At the moment we are working towards a limited edition leporello publication.

more info and pictures following soon.

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Ansichtenseries 001
single card, edition of 75


Holiday Greetings

The Ansichten Club wishes you Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2017!

For our holiday greeting card we were inspired by a set of French cuisine postcards. This is our Dutch version, presenting the most popular of Dutch holiday traditions: Gourmet.

We arranged an Ansichten Club Gourmet dinner and shot our holiday greeting card to send to all our Ansichten Club contacts.

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